IranWanderlust Startup


Project Information

It was the first startup project about Iran in English and a travel guide and a directory for tourists. This product offered a website, a mobile application and social channels. .


Designing and building an English website, and mobile application and implementing e-commerce strategy based on their audiences’ requirements.

My Tasks

-Co Founder
-UX/UI design for the website

Design Process




Depends on budget and timeline as a UX designer I make a decision according to priorities. Because of the importance of the project, I found that just doing user research could not assist us to find users needs and probably we could miss some points, hence I did usability testing from competitors websites.
I believe choosing the best approach at the right time is the most important task of a user experience designer.

Competitors Research I decided to do usability testing on three successful travel websites.

  1. visitflorida.com
  2. goturkey.com
  3. discoverlosangeles.com

I prepared questionnaires by WUFOO online survey to know more about users’ experience.
There are links to see the question forms:

  1. https://omidtb.wufoo.com/forms/user-experience-survey-floridatravel-website/
  2. https://omidtb.wufoo.com/forms/user-experience-survey-turkeytravel-website/
  3. https://omidtb.wufoo.com/forms/user-experience-survey-losangelestravel-website/

You can view the users' response analysis from the links below:

  1. https://omidtb.wufoo.com/reports/foreigner-participants-turkey-website/



Personas: To begin, we developed provisional personas to help us identify the needs & goals of our users.

  1. One of the User Persona which we prepared:

Defining the key pain points:

From user personas and usibility testing in the first stage, we found the key pain points and the main points which are mentioned in below:

  1. The content of our competitors translated to English from Turkish sometimes are meaningless.
  2. Users want to read proper city guides and recommendations written by Iranian authors so they can trust.
  3. Users want to know how the easiest way to get visa and conditions is.
  4. Our global competitors do not have online payments because of bank sanctions.
  5. Users need to know more about rules and dress code and also safety, security in Iran.
  6. Users like to see more original photos from Iranian photographers before traveling to Iran.

Problem solving and ideation:

  1. For content, translation, city guide and recommendation problem Iranwanderlust.com hired content writers and worked with some professional translators and photographers. This was also part of digital trust.
  2. Provided links to apply for the visa online and also information forms for who needs help to get the visa.
  3. Global players had payment type, credit card. Which is not worked in Iran. This was a huge advantage to go one step forward from our competitors by providing accounts in other countries to make payments in advance. Also, we wanted to launch “Pay at the hotel” options for free cancellation rate types (in cash).
  4. Provided information about safety and rules and make travelers sure to have a safe journey.
  5. Offered top destinations to travelers to save their searching times. Also offered itineraries for them.



We started a paper and low fidelity wireframes and then high fidelity prototyping. The fact that the website launched after two iterations.
We used the Moqups platform(web app).




UX designing is iterative process so as you can see for the second time I used usability testing on the beta version of the website and gained very useful result then I applied them for designing the final version :

  1. https://omidtb.wufoo.com/reports/foreigner-participants-iranwanderlust



After these processes, the website is launched and the face of mainpage is showed below, also in order to see more details, the website's link is prepared.

visit website

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